Streamline processes

Does your organization still work with paper work orders? Surely, you are not the only one. Until recently, somewhat robust tablets, data costs and digital work order software were very expensive. With PLANRRR and APPEEE, there is now a flexible solution to streamline all processes. Fully web based, developed in the Netherlands based on input from the actual working field.

PLANRRR is already in use for a multitude of processes. From planning a sewer cleaner to connecting VDSL cabinets. For FTTH rollout, Swiss Knife offers the product GO FIBERCONNECT.



  • All tasks connected by workflow (custom configuration)
  • Never forget permits, ever again
  • Connect to your own customized app, digital work order & more
  • Easy planning with graphic planning board and map view
  • Monitor progress with SLA and KPI monitor (add-on)
  • Complete order file with photo check and log of all actions
  • Products required for order also available in the field

... in short

  • Production state directly available (materials, hours)
  • Warning when documents expire (e.g. driving license)
  • Customer dashboard available for clients
  • Connectable with third party systems
  • Overview of assignments on map & assignments to be scheduled
  • Direct link to CRM data to call for appointment
  • Overview of active/completed assignments via color codes

Extra features

  • Communication ruler to make residents appointments
  • Warehouse function: plan stock based on scheduled assignments
  • KPI control, monitor SLAs. Which team is the most efficient?
  • Timeslot planning: based on capacity residents plan themselves


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