Our story

About Swiss Knife

Swiss Knife connects field registrations to administrative processes at the office. The retyping of written information now definitely belongs the past. Data collection with tablet, smartphone, handheld computer with barcode scanner or digital pen.

Why Swiss Knife?
A good mobile solution is robust, reliable and flexible... just like a Swiss army knife. An example of connecting field processes to office automation is GO FIBERCONNECT. With this solution, Swiss Knife digitalizes large scale FTTH rollout projects. More than 50% of all optical fiber connections in the Netherlands runs from planning to connection through the Swiss Knife systems.

Never retype again!
This is our starting point. A simple concept, quickly earned back. In addition, user friendliness and service come first at Swiss Knife.

Part of GOconnectIT
Since the beginning of 2019, Swiss Knife is part of the GOconnectIT Group. The combination of GOconnectIT, Geodan Van den Berg and Swiss Knife formes an organization with over 75 employees. The common goal is to unburden contractors and network operators, telco's and government agencies with smart (mobile) solutions and a broad product portfolio. There are already connections between the Swiss Knife and GOconnectIT software, and these will be further with each other so that clients benefit from this.


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